Who We Are

We are a group of women, established professionals and mothers, who acknowledge the pleasure of giving and making happy the poorest children, helping them build their own future.

We are not numerous but work to our maximum to give you the joy and feeling of donating to those in need.

We are Skychildren Onlus: with an extremely concrete and efficient approach, we work towards helping the most unprivileged children from the poorest regions of the world, with particular attention given to India.

We represent the urgency of improving the living conditions of these disadvantaged children, through tuition, psychological assistance, health assistance and the support of the entire community.

Thanks to the slender and flexible structure of Skychildren Onlus, we guarantee that all donations arrive, within 6 months, directly and untouched to the children. All administrative and management-related dealings are not funded by donations.

We personally engage with the selection, supervision and coordination of each project funded.

We collaborate with some of the biggest international NGOs, whilst also working hand to hand with well-rooted and efficient local organisations in order to ensure the success of the financed projects.

Born in 2011 as “Vital Italy”, nowadays “Skychildren Onlus” works directly with 3750 children, reaches 42.000 people with initiatives centered around supporting local communities and manages 10 school centers which also work as shelters for the children.



Skychildren works to improve the desperate living conditions of the children in the streets of Calcutta, bringing tuition, health assistance, protection and hope all in order to obtain immediate, tangible and long-lasting changes in the life of our children.


  • 4 areas of intervention: education, protection, health, nutrition.
  • 13 projects supported in Calcutta and West Bengal.
  • 4 buildings renovated / built for the exclusive use and benefit of the children for education and protection.
  • 13 rented classrooms / shelters.
  • 3,980 assisted children.
  • 48,000 people benefit from Skychildren's interventions.


  • 800 - Number of children intercepted by operators in the area or through the child-line (free line operating 24/7) who have been taken to emergency shelters refurbished and supported by Skychildren. Our operators then try to bring family reunification to a successful conclusion where the necessary pre-established conditions exist.
  • 25 - Number of girls accepted in shelters for abused girls.
  • 22 - Number of street and slum children welcomed in the hostels.
  • 247 - Number of children identified within railway stations receiving education, protection and food.
  • 469 - Number of children who receive education, protection, food and live with their parents on the sidewalks or in the slums of Calcutta.
  • 152 - Number of children receiving education, protection and food services in red light areas.
  • 360 - Number of children receiving education, protection and food in rural areas.
  • 4,236 - Number of children receiving medical care and medicines through the 5 mobile clinics in rural villages.
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3.980 CHILDREN INSERTED IN SCHOOL PREMISES, fully protected, nurtured and fed.
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4236 CHILDREN TAKEN CARE OF in the mobile clinics in rural villages (medical examination and medicinal supplies)
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13 SCHOOLS - SAFE SPACES available to the children 
2 BUILDINGS - SAFE SPACES of 3 floors each refurbished, made up to standard and furnished
 2 SCHOOLS BUILT, fully furnished and accessorized 
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 5802 MEDICAL CARES supplied to rural villages (for patients over 18)
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 5 MOBILE CLINICS IN SLUMS with doctors and nurses on board.
6 MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS for operating rooms donated to the hospital for the destitute.
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6.886 MEALS GIVEN OUT due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the cyclone and lockdowns. 
The receivers being families and children who do not live in our shelter homes.
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48.000 PEOPLE reached and assisted.

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Allegra Viganotti

Anna Dossi

Federica Gironi

Katia Ambrosini

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